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HYDAC Is Represented In All Industries

Our manufactured components such as High Pressure Hydraulic Accumulators, Filtration And Fluid Conditioning are useful in all areas of industrial and mobile hydraulics. The cooling solutions and lubricating gears we offer are found in wind turbines as well as tension hydraulics of modern machine tools. Be it the cushion cabs in agricultural machinery or supporting the working hydraulics of excavators, our products find their place in such segments. Furthermore, our engineered systems are extremely beneficial in inspecting and testing the loading capacity of wings of Airbus A 380. Our company is known for adjusting the parabolic troughs of solar energy plants, actuate valves and armatures in power plants. The hydraulic accumulators we offer quite efficient in damping the vibrations in large-size diesel engines that are caused by shaft movements on drilling ships.

A Feeling For Fluids

Fluidic engineering requires high attention for solving application-specific problems pertaining to hydraulic and lubrication systems. We hold high expertise in these areas and our employees share a flair for inventing new hydraulic solutions such as High Pressure Hydraulic Accumulators, Filtration And Fluid Conditioning. The functionality of tribological systems depend largely on the lubricant properties. We offer fluid monitoring and corresponding fluid servicing facility to clients. These services are guaranteed for their functionality and effectiveness for industrial systems in stationary as well mobile hydraulics and lubrication technology. Our research and development team is stationed at the Fluid Care Centre, which is worldwide recognized centre. There we own a floor area of over 2400 sq ft. where we conduct experiment and developmental work. This area a well equipped laboratory that has modern testing equipment which enables us to perform complex filter performance tests and fluid analysis. Furthermore, the facilities at this lab facilitates the practical simulations that are necessary for research.


Our company renders well planned services that can take care of hydraulic systems by increasing the service life of hydraulic plants, lubrication systems and electro-hydraulic controls and regulators. Our services assure high-performance fluid engineering that is administered by the trained professionals in the team. Right from commissioning to process optimization, our well qualified Engineering Support extends its aid to help you avail the best services such as:

  • Fluid Engineering
  • Engineering support
  • Rental Service


Our organization has received the following certification for our best quality products and efficient utilization of resources:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • DIN EN ISO 50001

Business Code

We, HYDAC Group, have a worldwide presence that is regulated by a set of business principles. We follow this particular code of conduct at every branch of our company. Listed below are the minimum requirements of our business code which allows us to conduct business:

  • Strict adherence to the existing laws, national and international regulations of the countries we operate in
  • Taking the relevant social, cultural and political boundary conditions into account while conducting business
  • Refraining from any kind of discrimination, force or harassment at work which is ruled out by basic human code of conduct.
  • Regulatory laws pertaining to protection of minors, labor protection and health protection to keep human rights intact.
  • Environmental protection to save our surroundings and nature.
  • Supporting the principles of free market economy and being open to fair and healthy competition.
  • Maintaining confidentiality in the work we do is a major prerequisite for a secure tie-up based business venture.
  • No business with persons, companies or institutions, who do not maintain the minimum standards in their business operations.